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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 6, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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children's law center here in the gallery place area. judith if there are problems with violence and loiterers driving away customers from businesses in this area that count on that business, wouldn't any little thing like this help? >> i'm sympathetic to businesses needing to engage the most customers in the best possible way. i am sympathetic to that. this isn't the best solution. we need to have better programs for youth. we need to engage them in activities. >> reporter: believe it or not, young people have been able to use this device to their advantage. we're told by the distributor that that high-pitched noise this thing makes has made its way on to the internet. he says young people have been able to download that sound on to their cell phones as ring tones so when their cell phones ring, they can hear the sound but their parents and teachers cannot. brian todd, cnn, washington. they are sounding the anti-loitering device for me right now. so i better turn it over to my colleague tony harris. happy labor day to you.
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>> nod yand to you, jim. live from studio 7 at cnn headquarters, the big stories for monday, september 6th. this is labor day. new cnn polling indicates democrats may be cruising toward a november bruising. the cnn election express stops at a state fair to ask why. as campaign season kicks into overdrive. they are taking the people's money that in all honesty the people could spend better themselves. >> the underemployed, unskilled, discouraged or working part-time jobs just to get by. one man's story is straight ahead. >> what we are going to do? it's america. where's our jobs? >> four-time u.s. open tennis champion and legend martina navratilova. her conversation with fredricka winfield. >> got me through those tough
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times. so i'm fortunate i had that in my life. >> i'm tony harris. those stories and your comments right here, right now in the "cnn newsroom." and we begin with politics and the state of the economy. this labor day. president obama hits the road with renewed focus on the economy. we will tell you about his latest plan to move it forward. the midterm elections just 57 days away now. a new poll shows republicans gaining ground and the big issue of course, it's the economy. let's bring in deputy political director paul steinhausser with the cnn election express. he's in pittsburgh. the express is in pittsburgh. paul, good to see you. what do the latest poll numbers say about americans, our economic concerns? >> this is troubling, tony. we asked our brand new national poll from cnn opinion research corporation. how would you rate the economy? 8 in 10 say the current economic conditions in this country are poor right now, tony. those who say it's very poor is on the riss just from the last
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couple of months. this is troubling news for the president and for democrats in congress. and remember, the economy, as you mentioned by far, issue number one with americans, tony. >> how are americans responding specifically? who are americans pointing to the finger at? >> you know, this is really interesting. check this out. we did ask this in our survey. do you blame the current economic conditions more on the democrats or republicans? more still blame the republicans. 44% blaming the gop. 35% blaming the democrats. and 16% saying both tor blame. >> i think there's a lot of truth there. where does president obama stand in all of this? is he losing any ground? any footing here? >> we asked specifically, do you approve or disapprove of how president barack obama is handling the economy. and our poll indkats only 4 in 10, 40%, give a thumbs up to the president on the economy. en to neerk that's the lowest polling for the president on the economy since he's been in the white house. and as you mentioned, we're in pennsylvania.
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this is a state where the democrats are trying to hold on to a senate seat and a bunch of house races. t.j. holmes is in the bus. he'll be out here joining you in a few minutes. he talked to a lot of voters. >> thank you, sir. president obama heads to milwaukee today on his latest push to jump-start the struggling economy. he unveils a $50 billion plan to improve the nation's transportation infrastructure. it calls for rebuilding 150,000 miles of roads, constructing and maintaining 4,000 miles of railways and improving airports. and the air traffic control system. we are focusing on the economy as well looking at your job. today, as you know, i don't have to tell you, the labor market is in real flux. where it will end up is anyone's guess. however, we are starting to see some trends emerge. stephanie eslam in new york with a look at the fastest growing jobs. what are they. stephny, good morning, first of all. where are these jobs? >> happy labor day. >> happy labor day. >> this is why we have to talk about it. got people thinking about it. one thing i can tell you.
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there's a common theme among the jobs we have here. jobs that require extra education and training. the fastest growing field among them, nursing. the labor department says the number of registered nurses is expected to grow by 600,000 between 2008 and 2018. of course, it makes sense. think about it. baby boomers are starting to hit retirement age and population is aging and they need more medical care. so within nursing if you take a look at the subset there, the fastest growing area is home health care. these are visiting nurses, at-home hospice and people assisting you there. these tend to be recession-proof jobs because no matter what, everyone is going to need medical care at some point. and that's why these are really good jobs. if you are heading to college you, might want to think about this. look at the baby. >> so the next set of jobs on the list here are also kind of a reflection of the economy. they are technical jobs. tell us about those. >> yeah, that's really true here. a lot of these names you go what
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does that actually mean. but you really need to pay attention to them because the second fastest growing job is network systems and data analysts. now these are the people who are design and build the systems that we use to connect to the internet. they basically make communication possible in the way that we do it today. this field is expected to add nearly 156,000 jobs by 2018. and all those data systems, they'd be useless if we didn't have software. no surprise the number three job we're talking about is software engineer. why are there so many of these jobs? think about all the smartphones you go through in a year. you alone. you probably go through three different kinds. no, i'm just kidding. there's that. downloading apps, games. that's software driving these things. and this is the future. it's why many analysts say some of the manufacturing construction jobs will not come back. now i told you there are six. we just gave you three. you want to know the rest go to cnnlet is to get the rest of the list there. >> folks are watching
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television. are we going to have you back to go through the rest of the list? can we do that? >> you have a whole hour you have to fill. i didn't want to take up too much time. >> if you can't watch us, just go to other big stories we're watching on this labor day. sources tell cnn as many as 2,000 additional nato troops may be going to afghanistan. it is likely most will be american. pentagon correspondent barbara starr reports some troops would work as trainers for afghan forces. most, though, would focus on locating and disarming roadside bombs. rescue workers in guatemala say the number of dead from mudslides may hit 100. take a look at these pictures. a hillside actually collapsed on to a major highway smothering a bus. miles away, a second slide knocked a bus and several cars off the road when people rushed to help. yeah, more of the hill came crashing down on them. 20 hours floating in the atlantic clinging to a beer
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cooler? seven people are recovering in charleston, success is after their boat sank 30 miles off the coast. we have coast guard video of the nighttime rescue. you can hear the rescuers talking about finding the survivors. have a listen. >> in the baeskt, two survivors. >> other adult, child? >> they look like two kids. >> yeah, it turned out to be three kids and four adults. all had severe jellyfish stings. the coast guard helicopter stopped them just seconds before turning back to refuel. with millions of americans out of work this labor day. others are grateful to have a job but no, they can do better. and reynolds wolf is tracking another tropical storm. reynolds, good morning. >> last week we were talking about earl. now a new one that is coming down the pike. we're talking about a new one. tropical storm hermine. where is it headed? how strong will it get? we'll let you know coming up in just a few moments.
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this is a business -- this is the result of 30 years of failed policy. in this country, we tried to say we would have a low wage, high consumption society and that simply doesn't work. because the -- the society, our economy is built by consumer spending. and consumers can't spend when they don't have money. >> what do you think of that analysis. sizing up a down economy, the afl-cio president weighs in on what caused the downturn and what needs to happen now. he says the key is getting money into people's pockets to boost consumer spending. on this labor day, while working americans take a day off, 1 out of every 10 americans are staying home because they are unemployed. the state suffering the most, nevada, which has over 14% of its population out of work. much of that is due to the high and huge drop in the gaming and construction industries. and michigan with 13% unemployed. mostly hurt by the drop in
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demand for cars. the states with the lowest unemployment, the dakotas. north dakota has only 3.6% of its population out of work. south dakota, 4.4%. what's their secret? well, economists say they are actually adding government jobs. the latest jobs report says 14.9 million people are unemployed. but that number doesn't take into account people who have given up looking for work or, as cnn's mary snow reports, people who are underemployed. >> i knew things were going to get tough. >> reporter: richard crane didn't know it would be this tough. yes, he has found a full-time job after getting laid off. but he's underemployed. he now earns $16 an hour at lowe's. he couldn't find work that used the skills of the job he had at a unit of general motors operating heavy machines. there he earned as much as $130,000 a year. >> the overtime people used to make -- you know, it's not
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there. it's not there. it's not. i see it every day. you know, i see it every day. i mean, what are we going to do? it's america. where's our jobs? >> in his new job, crane has taken a pay cut of almost $100,000. he is struggling to keep his house and provide for his son, now 14, and his wife who is battling cancer. he's given up second jobs to spend more time at home. his story of taking a job below his skill level is all too familiar, but it's largely untold. >> i can't hazard a guess on what percentage of the labor force is facing that right now. but we do know that it's sizable and it's really impacting families. >> heidi shierholz say labor economist with the economic policy institute who says what is measured are discouraged workers who have given up
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actively seeking employment and part-time workers looking for full-time jobs. and that amounts to an underemployment rate that stands at 16.7%. while she expects lethe labor force to recover to prerecession levels, the effects of losing a job have a lasting impact. >> so people like richard are in the situation where they are likely to face that earning hits that can last for decades. and for richard crane, his goals are forever changed. >> when i was working for gm, i was looking forward to turning 56 and retiring. and, you know, maybe try doing something else or even going until i'm 62. now we're just -- there's no real plan. it's -- our plan is to get from month to month. >> reporter: mary snow, cnn, haslett, new jersey. >> while we are bringing you news from around the world, we're also watching what's hot online. where is maria. she is surfing the web for us.
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>> there she is. there i am, tony. he may need a bigger boat. this is from a fisherman on the potomac river catches an 8-foot 300-pound shark. check out those teeth. you are watching "cnn newsroom." we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪ my joints ache so bad, i wake up in pain every day. i want to know why. i want to know why my hair is falling out. how did this happen? how did this happen? a little pain in my knee. that's how it started. that's how it started, this rash on my face. now it's like my body is attacking me.
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i want answers. announcer: when you don't have the right answers, it may be time to ask your doctor the right question. could i have lupus? a new cnn/opinion research poll shows republicans chances of taking control of congress
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are rising when asked whether they'd vote republican or democrat in november without mentioning a specific candidate's name. 52% say republican. 45% say democrat. 1 in 5 questioned say they don't like either party of that number 63% say they'll vote republican, 25% democrat, as you can see. the gap has grown significantly since april in favor of the gop. now campaign season is kicking into high gear today with the arrival of labor day. journalists from the best political team on television are riding the cnn election express this week. t.j. holmes is in pittsburgh. let's talk for a couple of minutes with t.j. you know what? i took a look at some of the materials your team has been feeding in. and people, you are talking to, are sick about the economy, sick about the jobs picture and pretty upset with both parties, huh? >> you know, it doesn't matter. democrat, republican, where you are from, black, white,
11:18 am
whatever. everybody is sick of washington. and one of the most disheartening things that i've heard so far that will just break your heart and give you an understanding of what's going on. a dairy farmer said that he just votes against the incumbent. he said no matter what, who is in power ivote against that person. his logic sheer that, you know what? i'll give somebody else a chance to be corrupt and steal money. that kind of attitude there is really -- they really permeate cities, states, it's across this entire country. it's sad that's the case. a lot of people around here, it's the season. it's the unofficial end of summer. so the official start of the campaign season. you see a lot of fairs, parades, festivals going on. politicians are showing up to those. people are talking politics. listen now to two ladies. a democrat and a republican. they are selling the politics at a local fair here in western pennsylvania. but if you listen to them you can tell they have the same concerns, but you can also hear that some of that -- some of that story line that's coming
11:19 am
out of washington is also starting to seep into the very fiber -- very fabric of the local politics and the local vote slers. just take a listen here. >> and they are wanting to put government out of their life. we don't want government in our life. turn in your social security check. turn in your medicare because it's government that got it for you. >> they just don't think that the people in washington are listening to them. >> their purpose at this point is to make our administration look bad. >> people need to have hope and they need to have the ability to go out and get a job. and they are frightened. >> it's the economy. and some of them are not hindsighted or farsighted enough to realize why we are in the position we are in. and everybody said, oh, don't blame bush. who else is there to blame? >> they are taking the people's money that in all honesty, the people could spend better themselves. >> their purpose is not our
11:20 am
country. their purpose is politics. >> this is the first year that the recurring theme of what people are telling susthat they are really scared to death. >> and so you hear it right there. what i was trying to do is you can hear that people have the same concerns, but that narrative that comes out of washington, d.c. and the back and forth they see on tv yelling at people. you are hearing people out here on the campaign trail and the local communities start to sound like what we hear the politician sound like. that's unfortunate. we know they have common concerns here. you can pick that up and what do you hear? >> i don't think there's anything better you can be doing than to be talking to the people in the areas like you are in now and all over the country. if we could forget about the politicians and what they are saying for a moment and have the politicians listen to the people. the people you are talking to, we would all be in better shape. both passionate about their politics. what is the political landscape like in their particular
11:21 am
district? >> you know, it's always a battleground state. p pennsylvania. we'll be in ohio as well. this will help people understand how republicans can take back the house. it's 435 seats up for grabs. yes, that's a lot. maybe you can see what happens and maybe they'll gain some seats. but they're concentrating on vulnerable districts, one of which here in western pennsylvania where you have a freshman democrat in a republican district. we're talking about the third district here in pennsylvania. the third congressional district. kathy dahlkemper is her name. she's a freshman in a republican district. a district that went for john mccain last time around. so they are targeting her. so those are the kind of districts that can end up -- you got those all around the country. those are the types that could end up seeing a swing in the house of representatives. >> it's really local. it comes down to the local dynamics in the local communities. >> very much. we look at the polls and they give us something of a snapshot.
11:22 am
i think what your on to right now is what really matters. those individual races and individual districts. t., good to see you. maybe i'll see you again next hour. let's get you caught up on top stories. in georgia, a police dash cam catches this dearing rescue on tape after a car crashed and caught fire. you'll see it here in just a second. deputies tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. one of the deputies knocked out the passenger window with his baton and pulled a man to safety. the failed blowout preventer from the deepwater horizon rig has been brought to the surface. it is being taken to a nasa facility where investigators will try to learn why it failed. and we have a winner. listen to this. 181 chicken wings in 12 minutes. this tiny woman -- can we take that full? named the black widow. where is she? where is she? she downed nearly five pounds of
11:23 am
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cleaning up after the
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tropical storm in nova scotia. take a look here. hurricane earl fizzled into a tropical storm as it headed north in the atlantic this weekend. but reynolds, we know it still left a mark hitting the canadian province with winds gufth at about 70 miles an hour. wow! wow! boy. and the damage that's done. power line comes down. maybe a pole comes down on your house but your neighbor is absolutely fine. isn't that the way these things work. >> it is hit and miss. think about how just a week ago we were sitting here talking -- this is a major hurricane. the biggest one on the planet now. it's off in the history books. yet another one. tropical storm -- >> hermine. do you pronounce the "h" is the only question. >> so far i have "hermine" as is, is her mean? yes she, is. the only thing i can come up is the storm is expected -- not
11:27 am
really to intensify to a hurricane. it's not expected to be out over the open water for very long. very close proximity to land. the yucatan peninsula on one side and on the other the mexican coastline. what the storm is expected to do is slowly edge its way to the north. then the latest from the national hurricane center shows the storm is expected to actually intensify a little bit and possibly make landfall late night tonight or early tomorrow morning with winds of 60 miles per hour, passing just the south of texas and then coming onshore. the real danger of this may actually come not as it's over the open water but when it makes its way onshore into texas and hovers over south and west texas where you've got very dry, dry conditions. you have that really hard soil that -- you can have heavy rainfall and possibly widespread flooding. flooding is a possibility. flooding is also going to be a possibility in the western half of the great lakes and back into the corn belt. this area of low pressure and these frontal boundaries all coming together with daytime heating.
11:28 am
very heavy rainfall. flooding is possible. maybe a stray tornado. out to the west, dry and warm as we wrap things up. that's a quick snapshot of the forecast. >> good labor day. >> you, too. >> and that wonderful family of yours. throughout her career, the great one, martina navratilova seemed to take any challenge in stride. but it took everything she had to beat the opponent she faced last february. >> first, most exhausting or difficult thing was when i found out i was positive. second most difficult was the day i went public and added all these injuries. >> what's next after surviving cancer for the great one? martina. you will hear the rest of her interview with my colleague fredricka whitfield.
11:29 am
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pictures, information, insight you won't find anywhere else. cnn newsroom with tony harris. anything can happen. >> aftershocks are rolling across central new sbreezealand today. an estimated 100,000 homes damaged. an earthquake took place on a previously unknown fault line. here's vicki baker with tv new zealand. >> reporter: a big team of experts shouldering a big responsibility. >> channel 1. channel 1. >> a lot of buildings. there appears to be quite a bit of damage. >> they'll be checking every building in the central business district. >> it's a major task. 30 teams. and they will be working as
11:32 am
quickly as they can. >> reporter: around 90 buildings in the central city of damaged. mainly those with break facades and walls. the sort engineers expected to find with problems. >> being a structural engineer, i was well aware of which buildings probably wouldn't be up before i left home yesterday, and i haven't found any surprises yet. >> extensive sa fa saud and other out of plain damage. >> reporter: the historic repertory theater one of those declared unsafe. the cost of fixing it likely to be too expensive. >> but essentially it's in a fairly bad way. >> reporter: not all damage is obvious. at the copthorn hotel, cracks in the basement are causing concern. >> they continue emergency basis and they'll continue to get in and get things out. there's no one allowed to actually stay the night. >> it will be checked out thoroughly before reopening. it's not a quick job. safety is the priority. >> definitely, absolutely crucial, yes. how much do you value your life? i guess we are looking at
11:33 am
people, obviously, wanting to get back into buildings quickly. we want to look at the economic situation for the central part of the city. and -- but at the end of the day, somebody has to sign off on these buildings as well. and we don't want anybody going into a building that collapses tomorrow. >> reporter: engineers from all around the country as well as 50 urban search and rescue members have been called in to help. >> engineers looking for problems. we are looking for quick fixes so we can get people back into their homes and businesses as soon as we can. >> reporter: they'll do jobs like removing brick walls and chimneys to make places safer. >> yellow means restricted building. there's an issue with the chimney on the roof. once the chimney has been removed then it will go upgraded to a green. that's what they want as many houses and buildings made safe as quickly as possible. >> they're able to come back here? >> yep. they'll be able to come back in. >> reporter: with aftershocks continuing, the inspection teams don't want to take any chances with buildings that aren't up to
11:34 am
standard. when you hear people talking about sharks on the potomac, they are usually talking about capitol hill politics, right? the talk this week is about real sharks in the potomac river. now this big boy, wow, right there, was caught a few miles downstream from the nation's capital. it is one of two bull sharks caught in nets where the potomac flows into the chesapeake bay. cnn's fredricka whitfield spoke with the director of shark research at the marine laboratory. >> so how rare is this for a bull shark to find its way not just in the potomac river but any freshwater river? >> well, bull sharks are actually a species that are able to come into freshwater. it's very unusual for sharks but this is one species that can. they've been found, for example, up the mississippi river as far north as illinois. so they are able to come into the chesapeake bay, getting all the way up to the maryland side,
11:35 am
though is very uncommon. >> okay. so i would imagine now the experts in that area, marine biologists, et cetera, might be trying to figure out how in the world might this shark made its way from the atlantic ocean through the chesapeake bay into the potomac river. is this going to be a difficult path to nail down? >> well, it will. but the fact that more than one of these now have been caught apparently indicates that there may be other sharks around. there may be other bull sharks around. what they are doing there, who knows. but they may be feeding on raise that have been reported to be a little bit more common up in the chesapeake bay and recent years. >> wait a minute. i'm getting some late-breaking news here. is it true that willie dean, the guy who actually caught that bull shark is going to be on rick's show this afternoon? "rick's list"? what time is that? 4:00 p.m. eastern time, willie dean. the man who caught that bull shark. did he catch both of them? there were two. he caught one.
11:36 am
one of the two. on today, 4:00 p.m. eastern, "rick's list." if you to see a bull shark in the potomac river or anywhere, keep your distance. bull sharks are considers among the most dangerous sharks in the world to misdemeanors. tennis superstar and breast cancer survivor, martina navratilova talks about how playing tennis got her through the difficult times. [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. welcome to progressive. nice calculator. i'm just trying to save money on my car insurance. you know, with progressive, you get the option to name your price. is that even possible?
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people going door to door in bell, california, gathering signatures to get rid of the mayor and three of the four city council members. a pay roll scandal found some city leaders making outrageous salaries. one of them raking in about $800,000 a year. everyone is safe at ft. stewart army base after a hostage situation there. the gunman is in custody nepincident at the base hospital ended without any injuries. and if you don't like this script, i'm going to send you you a name of who you need to send a note to. you might be a redneck if you thoroughly enjoy this festival in pennsylvania this weekend. the borough of weisport hosting the annual redneck festival in the name of good old-fashioned fun. your bull rides, laundry lines, your beer, of course, and then there are these lovely bottle cap earrings.
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[humming] ooh! here we go. what? whaaat? [kids giggling] announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent, because kids in foster care don't need perfection. they need you. martina navratilova is quite simply one of the best tennis players to ever pick up a racket. however, in february, she was challenged by her toughest opponent. she spoke to cnn's fredricka whitfield about facing her
11:43 am
mortality and her new life as a cancer survivor. >> give me an idea what that period was like between diagnosis and lumpectomy? >> i only had like three weeks in between the diagnosis. i went to see the doctor the next day. i was supposed to play in an exhibnition palm springs, an indian wells tournament to raise money for haiti. my first thought was i can't play tennis front of 12,000 people. i need to just sort of settle down and take care of myself. then i thought, ten sis what always gets me through everything. so i decided to play. i got ready. and three days after that hit for haiti where i played with stephy graf, justine henin and lindsay davenport, three days later i had the surgery and then three weeks later i was playing lindsay davenport at an event in minneapolis and so i had something to look forward to always. and then when i had the radiation, i went -- i went and played at the french open.
11:44 am
worked for tennis channel. played at the french open and wimbledon. and tennis sort of whgot me through all those tough times. i'm fortunate i had that in my life. of course, positive attitude always helps get you through stuff. so i had both. so it was difficult time no doubt about it. and it was really difficult when someone public actually -- the first most exhausting and difficult thing was when i found out i was positive. second most difficult was the day i went public and added all these injuries and had to talk about it. i'm still talking about it. so that's -- that took the most out of me, actually. >> and difficult because you felt -- >> i'm glad that i did that. >> difficult because you felt you head to constantly answer questions or difficult to because this would ordinarily be a private battle and this was something you now had to open up, even as a public person you had to open up and kind of explain away, reveal publicly. >> just because you have to -- i think if i could just do it
11:45 am
once, you know, and be done with it, that would be great. but the repetition of it is difficult. and now it comes up with every interview and people when they meet you say are you okay? yeah, i'm great. your really okay? yeah, fantastic, thank you. so, you know, still my hair. i didn't have to do chemo. i felt like i dodged a bullet. people are like looking at me. you look great. i'm like thank you poopts makeup. >> it's like thanks for asking but at the same time, stop it already. >> yeah, exactly. i've been cancer-free since march but the radiation really took a lot out of me. but again that was in june and i'm done with it. and my breast is still a little sore. but, you know, nothing to worry about and it's as good as new. hopefully we'll be better. >> back to while you were playing. your doubles partner she knew. she was there at your side during much of this. how about some of the other players. did they have any idea at the time of you continuing to play, even before radiation, that you
11:46 am
were going through this? >> yeah, well, they did. i -- the -- i went public sort november april and so everybody knew and the players were very supportive. even the guys in jimmy connors and jim courier sending me notes or calling and, of course, most of the women that i played with, billie jean king, chris everett, pam shriver, many players i haven't heard from. that's where facebook comes in handy. i got many messages from people i hadn't seen or heard from in 30 years. i'm still getting a lot of support. most of all, after i went public, a got a lot of letters and notes from people on facebook from women who either had gone through the same thing and are giving me encouragement or were thanking me for making them remember to go to the doctor and a few that something was found and they nipped it in the bud. and those are people that i know about. so i felt very empowered and humbled but very happy that i did this because i know that i helped some women, you know, detect what they had earlier. so that -- and that's why i did
11:47 am
it. initially, i went to robin roberts who -- you know what she went through. she said i'm glad you are doing this. i'll see you next week n let's go save some lives. that's when i was like, my god, i can really make a difference in somebody's life. you don't walk away from that. woungets. how good is that. what a life. what a career. more than thirty 30,000 u.s. troops maimed or injured after the war in iraq. they are coming home. many changed forever. but all seeking a normal life. >> i wake up every morning and i go maybe it was all a dream. and i think about just swing my legs over the edge of the bed and hopping into the shower. but so far, it hasn't come true. >> we will hear one soldier's story when we come back. secret turns up the protection. odor-fighting microcapsules are triggered by your body heat to release a fresh scent. for 24 hour odor protection. ♪
11:48 am
there's no way to hide it. sir, have you been drinking tonight? if you ride drunk, you will get caught... and you will get arrested.
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11:50 am
now, for your cnn equals politics update, mark press ton is part of the best political team on television. good to see you. let's start here. break down the numbers for us. what are republicans hoping to gain from this election in november? >> well, let's just go baseline, tony. republicans need to pick up a net gain of 39 seats in the house to take back control of that chamber.
11:51 am
across the capital, they need to pick up ten seats in the senate. when you talk to democratic strategists and republican strategists, what they're saying is probably 30 seats right now, democratically held seats are probably lost at this point in time, 60 days out from election day. over in the senate, they're looking at about eight democratic seats. so things are very tough right now for democrats, specifically house democrats, tony. a lot of analysts are saying that republicans have a very good chance of taking back that chamber, and if that were to occur, what does that mean, tony? it means that the end of the obama agenda as we know it comes to a halt. republicans would be able to stop president obama from mulling his policy proposals through congress. >> okay. and mark, you have details on a republican strategy. what's that all about? >> well, you know, i was talking to republican strategists late last night, and he told me, look, it's the 80/20 strategy. 80% of this election is about them, it's about democrats. even though democrats have passed all these sweeping policy
11:52 am
proposals, wall street reform, health care reform, the fact of the matter is, it's about the economy. 80% of the election is about them. republicans believe only 20% of the election is about republicans. >> and jerry brown is trailing in the race in california. the governor's race there. there's a new tv ad. is it helping or hurting his campaign, mark? >> well, i'll tell you what. jerry brown really is running uphill right now, because he's running up against meg witman, this billionaire. she is expected to spend at least $150 million, tony, to try to win the governor's race out in california. who would want to run the state of california right now? it's in such financial despair. but jerry brown and meg witman are doing that. what's interesting is this ad, it talks about his experience in the past when he was governor before. all the successes he had. so we talk about antiin couple babies, how experience is hurting candidates right now. trying to win in november. >> mark, let me sneak another
11:53 am
one in on you. why isn't louisiana governor trying to support inviter in the senate race? >> a lot of people could come up with theories for that. bobbie jindal really has a squeaky-clean image. a lot of people think he is eyeing the white house in 2012, more likely 2016. bobbie jindal has hes own race to worry about in 2011, tony. but you know what, david vitter has a lot of baggage. as our viewers remember, he had all those problems about the alleged involvement with a prostitute here in washington, d.c. so bobbie jindal said this last weekend, i'll let the voters of louisiana make that decision. >> probably smart. all right. mark, good to see you, sir. maybe see you next hour. thank you. >> take care. >> for the latest political news, you know where to go. here is what we're working on for the next hour of cnn "newsroom." building up the economy while rebuilding the nation's roads,
11:54 am
railways and airports. we will dig into the details of president obama's latest plan to boost the economy. and getting a first-class education for free. find out about a college that is offering an opportunity of a lifetime for some students. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. ♪ so why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way?
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oh! tell me we're still talking about insurance. rewarding loyalty. now, that's progressive. call or click today. unlike fish oil, megared softgels are small and easy to swallow with no fishy smell or aftertaste. try megared today. iraqi authorities say at least six people are dead following a string of bombings and shootings today. the violence follows a bold attack by insurgents yesterday in the heart of baghdad. at least five suicide bombers carried out a coordinated attack on the rocky military headquarters, killing at least 12 people. the assault drew u.s. forces into the fight four days after the official end of the combat mission. america's combat mission in iraq may be done, but the pain of fighting in that war and in
11:57 am
afghanistan is far from over for thousands of injured american troops. cnn's brooke baldwin spoke with one of the soldiers about his life-changing injuries and his recovery at walter reid army medical center. >> reporter: afghanistan. taliban's stronghold. one of the most dangerous assignments for troops and dan's new home one month into his deployment. >> people were ambivalent, at best, and outwardly hostile, most commonly. rocks and thumbs down, middle finishing, up. >> reporter: from his first mission outside the wire this west point graduate realized every day had the potential to be deadly. >> my very first mission, i watched three ieds go off in succession on a group. so from the very first day, it was game on, this place is not friendly, let's keep ourselves off the road as much as possible. >> reporter: to keep off the
11:58 am
road, soldiers would stick to dirt trails, even orchards, where his platoon was patrolling on august 18th of last year. >> we heard an explosion. you could see the dust rise up over the trees. >> an ied had been triggered, and soon after, another explosion. two men were killed. dan, unscathed, had to hold the area, so they could search for the bodies, come daylight. and as he was walking down a trail, steps from his compound, another blast. >> i don't really remember a sound or a flash. i just remember a pressure. but immediately i knew what had happened. then the next thing i know, i'm just opening my eyes, in a bright room in the emergency room at walter reid. i didn't understand the gravity of my injuries. >> reporter: who told you, the doctor? >> they tell you, but it doesn't sink in until you have the mental clearty to look.
11:59 am
i can one with one. >> dan's left leg, amputated above the knee. his right at the hip. a year after the attack. >> it's a bit frustrating. i wake up every morning and i go, maybe it was all a dream and i think about just swinging my legs over the edge of the bed and hopping into the shower. but so far it hasn't come true. so then i just go, oh, crap. back to that. >> reporter: here in walter reid, dan, now a captain, knows pain is the price of progress. ask his physical therapist, his recovery is faster than anyone predicted. >> time wise, i think it's remarkable. from the very beginning, he's been one of those guys that he gets frustrated, and he's determined to make it work. >> dan is taking his rehab step by step. and as he remembers that day in afghanistan, this georgia native says he wouldn't have wished it any other way. >> quite honestly, if it hadn't been me walking through those orchards in afghanistan, it
12:00 pm
would have been some other 25-year-old infantry lieutenant. really, i have no regrets. >> no regrets. >> yeah, no regrets. and i apologize, because i have to double-check in my head. but, yeah, i've thought about it quite a bit. and i really don't think i have any regrets. >> reporter: so what's next for dan in terms of his progress going into the future and his rehab at walter reid? he told me he doesn't really know. he really has to take it day to day. he's a smart guy, though, and he's hoping going on, go to grad school, possibly get his mba, possibly in the prosthetics injury. his brother set up this thorough blog with pictures and progress at walter reid. in fact, he's met all kinds of people, all the way from the president to jon stewart from "the daily show." and he would tell you, dan realizes he is lucky to be alive. brooke baldwin, cnn, atlanta. you know, the defense department says more than 30,000 american troops have been wounded in iraq. 7,000 more in afghanistan.
12:01 pm
. and hello again, everyone, i'm tony harris. top of the hour in the cnn "newsroom," where anything can happen. at this hour, president obama heading to a swing state to talk about his election season plans to pump up the economy. we will outline his proposal. just don't call them a stimulus. the cost of a liberal arts degree can cost as much as an average american home. one college is giving thousands of students the dream of a lifetime. a free education. >> i feel like for me, this is an opportunity that i have to take and i have to do well with. >> okay. and you're online right now, we are, too. in fess ferre is back, following what's hot. ines? >> tone knee, you remember captain kirk. william shatner is saying he never thought "star trek" would be such a huge hit when it started. and also this weekend, dragon con, the pictures online still hot and trending. . we had some fun with that.
12:02 pm
all right, ines, let's get started with our lead story. labor day. a chance to take a break. maybe to relax a bit. but this labor day, a lot of you are worried and too worried, really, to relax. and it is all because of the economy. a new cnn opinion research corporation poll. only 18% of you think economic conditions are good. a whopping 81% say conditions are poor. and businesses are concerned, too. >> it's pretty grim out there. a lot of small businesses do see some opportunities. but most of them are kind of a stagnant or even a downward growth, right now. the thing we think is even most is access to credit and capital for small companies. because that's what's going to enable them to take advantage of opportunities when they do happen. and hire that next employee and really begin to grow. unfortunately, there are some proposals on capitol hill right now that really help with that, and they have been stuck in the mud. and we really hope we can move forward on some of those things
12:03 pm
the next few weeks. >> access to capital. that's a biggy. president obama heads to milwaukee this hour on his latest push to jump start the struggling economy. senior white house correspondent ed henry joining us now with details. and ed, good to see you. the president is going to unveil an infrastructure plan today? >> that's right. today it's going to be about infrastructure in the short-term, $50 billion up front, try to rebuild roads, bridges, railways, et cetera. that's all about trying to create jobs. but when you have to read the fine print -- administration officials just had a conference call with reporters, where they were basically acknowledging this is not going to create -- even if it were to pass on capitol hill in the short term, which is not a done deal, it would not create any jobs in 2010. it would at least be 2011, so you have to remember, this is not really going to help people in the short term. secondly, on wednesday, the president is going to be in cleveland talking about a tax cut for businesses, basically on their research and development,
12:04 pm
$100 billion tax cut, big picture. and what that does is tries to get these businesses to invest more in their companies. buy more equipment, get the economy going that way. hire more people. deal with the jobs issue. but again, you know, the senate is not even working right now. they come back next week. they have had a pretty long august vacation. then when they come back, they're going to spend probably a week or so on a separate small business bill the president has been pushing for. and then after three or four weeks, they're going to be heading to the campaign trail full-time. so we have to remember and do sort of a reality check. these are proposals the president is putting out there. but it's unlikely that congress is going to deal with it before the election. so these may be things he's putting out there to show, look, folks, i'm on top of this, trying different things, but it's unclear it's ever going to help people in the short term. >> ed, how frustrated is this administration over what they may consider the slow pace of things. we have been talking about smul small business proposal for it
12:05 pm
seems months now. >> sure. and they point to republican delays in the senate, and there has been some of that. but democrats themselves have pulled that bill off the floor to move on to other business. so i mean, you know, the bottom line is the process is the process. it's moved too slowly for this administration. they are deeply frustrated with that. i think they also have to be frustrated with our latest poll when you look inside the numbers of the ynn research corporation poll, about how people feel about the economy now compared to two years ago, there is a high number of people who think it's gotten worse. and that is may still get worse than it is right now. well, what's happened in the last two years? what big event in terms of the economy? the president's stimulus plan, which was supposed to jump-start things, not just in the short-term, but over the long-term, they're going to spend this money out over two years. and yet here we are almost two years later, and a lot of people feel like it hasn't had a huge impact. and that's part of the reason why this week he has got this renewed focus on the economy. but one of the president's
12:06 pm
agents was just asked, is it too little too late, and they insist no. a lot of pressure on the president, tony. >> i'm supposed to wrap with you, but i have another question, so i'm going to ask the next question. we're talking about $50 billion on spending and infrastructure here that the president is going to propose. there is a time when we would have called it what it is or at least what it appears to be, and that's stimulus spending. why can't we call it what it is? what is wrong with the word? it is what it is, ed. >> you're right. but it's become a little bit of a political dirty word now for the administration, because the original stimulus we should point out in fairness, there have been government reports but also private economists who have done reports, saying it's probably saved or created about 3 million jobs. it's had some positive impact. but the point is, they called this recovery summer, and people are not feeling like it's recovery. so stimulus has become a dirty word. secondly, the expectations were so high with the first stimulus being $787 billion, you talk about infrastructure, $50 billion. this tax cut, $100 billion.
12:07 pm
it's nowhere near the kind of stimulus we saw last year. it sort of is pennies compared to that. so that might be another reason why it's not going to be called a second stimulus, because we're so deep in debt right now, they don't have $800 billion to justify pour into this right now, tony. >> yeah, but if small businesses aren't spending and big corporations aren't spending, if consumers aren't spending, someone has to spend, and the spender of last resort is the government. but that's a whole other conversation we could have. great to see you, sir. and good labor day to you. >> nice three-piece suit, by the way. >> thank you, doctor. >> you're spending, as well. >> i am a little bit. let's get more on the president's $15 billion plan for spending on the infrastructure of the country. ines ferre is joining me with a breakdown. ines. >> tony, it's rebuilding thousands of miles of roads and also railways and airport runways so you've got 150,000 miles of roads, more -- some 4,000 miles of railways, enough to go from coast to coast. and also, they also plan a modernize to air traffic control
12:08 pm
system to cut down on travel time and delays. this investment, as you guys have been saying, will be at least $50 billion. this wednesday, president obama is also expected to announce another part of this economic plan, and that is to extend permanently a research and development tax credit for businesses. and basically, what this would do is reward companies that develop technologies in the u.s. and keep jobs here. he also wants to increase a credit option from 14 to 17%. now, this is all expected to cost about $100 billion, and how do they plan to pay for this? well, one of the proposals is to be paid by closing some corporate loopholes for multinational and energy companies, tony. >> okay, ines, appreciate it. thank you. so will a new wave of spending on infrastructure and transportation make a dent in the unemployment rate? let's talk about this with stephanieyy elam joining us fro
12:09 pm
new york. will it work? >> that is the question. i'm fresh out of a crystal ball, so i can say, it's too early for us to know. here's the things we do know about. first of all, we won't know what this "it" is until it actually gets through congress. it's still a big debate over whether the individual stimulus plan has helped, and the obama administration estimates stimulus have saved or created 3 million jobs. that's all good and great. however, more than 8 million jobs have been lost in the recession. still, the administration is saying, the officials there are saying the unemployment picture would be even worse if the stimulus did not happen. so that's their argument for this one, perhaps one of the biggest mistakes the white house made was saying the jobless rate would fall below 8% this year. at the time, unemployment was at 8.2% as you can see on this graph we're showing you. today it's at 9.6%. granted, still below its peak, and it's not where they said it would be, though, so that's part of the problem there. so without the white house's old
12:10 pm
prediction and the public record, if we didn't have that in our minds, maybe we would think that the current stimulus was working, and actually did keep the recession from turning into a depression. and that's what dave would still tell you, coming out of the administration. but as far as many people are concerned, especially if you are unemployed, the jobs recovery has been really, really slow. and jobs created by this new proposal may be even harder to measure, and track, than the original stimulus plan which was really difficult. so this is making it harder, as well, and these are long-term projects that will take time to plan and take time to implement. so, again, it's just too soon for us to say. but we need to see what this "it" turns out to be. >> good of you to use the "s" word, stimulus. it is what it is. all right, stephanie, good to see you. >> it is what it is. >> it is. the cnn election express is on road and our tj holmes is on it. just ahead, a trip to pennsylvania to look into some heated house races. first though, our random moment in 90 seconds. 's easy to feel like you're...
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12:14 pm
so let's see, here. a new cnn opinion research poll of registered voters shows republicans' chances of taking control of congress rising right now. when asked whether they would vote republican or democrat in november, without mentioning specific candidates' names, 52% say republican, 45% say democrat. one in five questioned say they don't like either party. of that number, 63% say they will vote republican, 25% democrat. as you can see, the gap between those percentages has grown pretty significantly since april, in favor of the gop. so campaign season kicking into high gear today with the arrival of labor day. journalists from the best political team on television are riding the cnn election express this week. tj holmes now in pittsburgh. and tj, i've got to tell you, based on what i'm hearing and you're reporting here, it sounds like folks are saying to you,
12:15 pm
apox, my friend, on both houses. >> on both houses. it's not anti democrat, not anti republican, they don't like anybody in washington. and how can you blame them, given not just the state of things, the state of the economy, but just the tone people talk about. why do you behave that way in washington, the yelling back and forth at each other and really nothing getting done when we have real problems. and the real problems, yes, are about the economy, and this is a state here, tony, that it sounds pretty good. when you say that pennsylvania has been able to stay below the national average in unemployment for the past year, that sounds like they're doing okay. the problem, however, is that this state has gone up a full percentage point in the past year in its unemployment rate while the national rate has been coming down or been flat, pretty much, every single month. so it seems they're going the wrong direction. they get to go to the polls. elections do matter. and you talked about those
12:16 pm
numbers a second ago about how republicans seem to be doing better than democrats in the polling. that sounds pretty bad for democrats, especially maybe for a democrat who is a freshman democrat, trying to hold on to a seat in a republican district, and that is district 3. listen to these two candidates. >> we have been hurt for a long time. and my office and myself, we have been working diligently for the last 20 months to have a long-term vision for this region. >> i keep hearing about how things are getting better, and i'm saying, please tell me where that is, because i want to go there and see what a better situation looks like. >> reporter: you hear that, tony, and no disrespect to either those candidates or any other candidate out there, but quite frankly, we heard that all about before. the voters have heard all of that before. it's the same back and forth. and i told you, one of the most disheartening things i have heard so far out here is a guy tell us that, in fact, he just always votes against the incumbent. why? he wants to be fair and let somebody else get in there and get their chance at being corrupt and stealing money.
12:17 pm
that type of attitude is disheartening, it's scary, but that's the tone right now, at least here in western pennsylvania. and you can imagine -- we can imagine, as we just heard someone driving by, i don't know if you heard that, that's tone. he's just coming by screaming "it's lies, all lies." a lot of people believe what he is believing as he was driving by and screaming out of his car. perfect example and perfect timing, but i hope he doesn't come back. >> all right, tj. we will check back in with you again next hour. still to come in the cnn "newsroom," a popular website bows to pressure. craigslist sensors itself.
12:18 pm
this just in to cnn. jefferson thomas, one of the little rock nine members has passed away, we're just learning. and is you remember the little rock nine. nine black high school students who really are heroes of the
12:19 pm
civil rights movement, who braved segregationist mobs to integrate an all-white high school. little rock central high. i believe we have someone on the phone with us. millie is on the phone with us? >> caller: it's minnesota mini jean. >> what are your thoughts? >> caller: we're very sad. we were friends before the little rock central crisis and we have been very close over the years. so it's a great tragedy for us. >> yeah. and millie, if you would -- >> caller: it's minnie. >> and good to talk to you first of all. could you take us back to those days? can you remind us what it was like in those early days, in -- you know, what the little rock nine members did, and what it
12:20 pm
was like integrating little rock central high school? 1957. >> caller: well, of course, we volunteered to go to central, not anticipating the opposition that we would face. and on our first day, september 3rd, i think, we were met with a mob of screaming segregationists. that was our first shock. and the youth of arkansas national guard to stop us from going in the schools. and over a three-week period, negotiations with president eisenhower and orville sabas, the governor, we were to go again i think on the 24th of september, and we were pulled out because the mob had grown so big. and then president eisenhower federalized the arkansas national guard, and sent 1,200
12:21 pm
federal troops to escort us into school. >> yeah. >> caller: so that's the story. short and sweet. >> yeah. minnie, did you stay in touch? as a group, you're linked together in history. have you stayed in touch over years, and with all of the -- is everyone aware of the situation with jefferson and maybe you can talk about how you stay in contact, and in touch over the years. >> caller: well, we stay in contact, because we have that experience. >> yep. >> caller: and we grew up together in little rock. so it's a long-term experience that's solidified by our experience at central high school. but our feelings have been that we cared so much about each other, and felt that that common experience bonded us in an
12:22 pm
amazing way. but we -- as the little rock nine foundation, if scholarships, we meet with the students who receive our scholarships and we meet as -- we met as often as we could. and we met for photographic essays or awards. so we have really kept in touch. and we had a wonderful relationship. >> i am so sorry about your loss. but minnie, thanks for talking to us. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. let's take a break.
12:23 pm
12:24 pm
so earl is barely out of town, right, up there just finishing off nova scotia. that's a terrible way to put it, with power lines down and everything else. now we're talking about a new system, in the gulf, as you reminded me this morning, if you were doing your weekend, having fun, and you checked in just barely, maybe you missed the fact that there was a -- yes. is it hermine.
12:25 pm
>> hermeany. think of her being mean. >> now we've got some potential problems. >> yeah, we do. and the biggest concern is going to be the potential for flooding. let's show you where it's at. tropical storm packing winds around 15 miles per hour, and potential for more intensification. look at the outflow on no storm and you can see lots of shower and thunderstorm activity. you see the storms building. where do you think this is going? let me show you the forecast path and what we think is going to be making landfall in northern parts of mexico takes a trip across texas and bringing a whole heck of a lot of rain. so the best thing i can tell you is that landfall likely south of the lone star state, and also there is not a lot of time between now and landfall which will probably be sometime overnight tonight that we'll have much time for this thing to get too strong of a system. but look at the showers and thunderstorms already prevalent along the coast of texas into
12:26 pm
louisiana. some of these are going to be very heavy. we could see as much as 1 to 3 inches of rain per hour in some of these isolated storms. you want to see what it looks like by the air? my pilot husband, got to love him, he sent me these this morning. here you can see the outer bands over the houston skyline there. and this one is cool, too, because you can see the tops, the higher the tops, the stronger the storm, so a nice view from the air over houston. so thank you, michael, i appreciate that. what can we expect now with the rainfall in, because that's going to be the big issue. and we're thinking probably by wednesday, we're going to start to see some pretty significant river flooding, flood watches have been posted. this includes you up into the hill country, up in austin, san antonio, corpus, houston, the western edges are in the watch area, eastern side okay for now, but don't be vifd if you get a little bit of it. this computer forecast will show you where we think the heaviest of rainfall is going to be, and
12:27 pm
it's these purples where we could be talking more than 5 inches, maybe up to 10 inches and do you that over a couple days' time and you know you're going to have problems. so the real valley we're talking the san antonio river and several others in the area where we expect to have some of these troubles so be aware of that. other holiday travel issues. the upper midwest, heavy thunderstorms, milwaukee had hail early this morning. those storms have moved off now. but we think as we head into the afternoon hours now with some of these storms, could become severe. so beware of that threat. minneapolis toward des moines, western parts of wisconsin, chicago could have travel delays as a result of that. and then we'll also see some along the gulf coast. houston in particular. and florida, you've been getting wamped all weekend long, unfortunately, because of that, as well. and now you can see the one delay we do have at intercontinental airport, about 30 minutes. and that is a great holiday weekend. >> yeah. >> so many people. >> so we've had a pretty big
12:28 pm
tennis event going on in new york city, in case you're not aware of that, jacqui, the u.s. open. >> good to know. >> roger federer about to win his sixth or seventh title. and the weather there is great. >> couldn't be better. gorgeous. >> love it. i'll be there later. sorry. just doing my own forecast. >> how fun. >> thank you, jacqui. >> safe travels. >> thank you. more american men and women will be putting their lives on the line in the fight against terrorism, headed to afghanistan. that story next in the cnn "newsroom." t enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® clinical skincare, exclusive ion2 complex combined with activating cream helps restore collagen depleted skin. neutrogena clinical skincare is clinically tested to undo the look of a year's worth of skin aging in just 4 weeks. do-overs do exist. [ female announcer ] clinical skincare. neutrogena. #1 dermatologist recommended brand.
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12:31 pm
cnn has learned as many as 2,000 additional troops may be headed to afghanistan. let's learn a bit more about this. pentagon correspondent barbara starr joining us live from washington. and barbara, good to see you. what are the details on this? >> good morning to you, tony. here's what it's all about. an additional 2,000 troops essentially are needed in afghanistan for two reasons. one, is to be trainers for afghan security forces. they need more trainers on the ground, some they have had there have come home. but there is a need for even more. second, they need more forces to be able to deal with ieds, improvised explosive devices, those roadside bombs that are still the number one threat to both troops on the ground and afghan civilians. so what's happening is first,
12:32 pm
nato is sitting down and looking at its own troop levels and trying to see if any of the nato member countries will contribute more troops to the war. but i have to tell you, nato officials privately said that is very doubtful, and their working assumption at this time is at least a good majority of those troops may come from the united states. tony? >> and barbara, what would benefit if it comes to pass that's the way it works out with most of these troops coming from american forces? would that impact the july 2011 deadline for beginning the withdrawal of troops? >> well, that's what everybody is waiting to see. because what it really means, of course, is there's a long way to go across much of afghanistan. before security is good enough that you can actually transfer it to the afghans. what commanders are privately saying is even if they transfer their areas to local afghan security, those u.s. troops might not come home right away. they might just simply be sent to other areas of afghanistan to
12:33 pm
undertake security detail there, and come home at sme future date. all very uncertain. >> gotcha. okay, barbara starr in the pentagon for us. thank you. many veterans are having a difficult time finding work once they return home. it's a story we have been following. josh levs now takes a look at the numbers. >> reporter: we have been talking a lot about veterans of iraq and afghanistan wars, having a lot of trouble getting jobs. even more than the national average. which is why i was stunned by this yesterday. i think we have a chart that lays it out for you. but the basic idea here is the unemployment among people who served in iraq and afghanistan have been up near 15% earlier this year. it's been in the 12s and 13s. then this comes out yesterday, a little over 9% now, 9.4%. that is a big drop in unemployment for our nation's veterans, those who have been serving in iraq and afghanistan, good news there. now, that said, unemployment is still way too high for everyone, including for veterans.
12:34 pm
it's a sign of the times that i'm seeing 9.4% for any group as being a good thing. i will also tell you that we can't read too much into those latest numbers. we would like to believe it means that more members of our military who are home now are managing to get jobs. it could mean that, but because of the way they calculate these things, it could also mean that more people have given up looking for work or as the navy times point out, it could be a statistical anomaly. we need to watch in the coming months and see if indeed more and more of these recent veterans are managing it get jobs, and that would be very good news. now, there's a few things you should know about i've got on my screen behind me here, and that's what's going on in congress to try to help people who have been serving home now looking for jobs. i'm going to tell you these three things going on right now. one is a work opportunity tax credit, business folks out there pay attention to this. if you get $2,400 for hiring veterans, $4,800 for hiring disabled veterans. some lawmakers now pushing to extend this. it would expire at the end of this year. and two things in the pipeline that have not passed yet, one is
12:35 pm
a veterans employment act to provide job training and placement services and another one is educational assistance act that would help members of our military who have been serving who are now home trying to figure out how to take the skills they have, translate them into practicable skills that will work for all sorts of jobs. and that act could potentially help. we'll see how well that does in congress. last thing to tell you. if you are one of these people and you are a member of the military who is home now, a veteran, looking for work, there is a handful of websites that can help you a lot, and i have posted them at facebook and twitter. here are my addresses. josh levs cnn. i have the links all set up for you, if you've got a loved one in the military who is home now and a veteran looking for work, a series of websites designed especially for that group. hopefully it will help. high school students in one city can stay there for college, and not pay a dime towards tuition. sounds really good, almost too good to be true. we'll find out more about it in just a moment.
12:36 pm
you're in the cnn "newsroom." [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters. and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision.
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a major change, apparently,
12:39 pm
for craigslist. users looking for dull encounters on the website are instead encountering the word censored on its site. craigslist isn't explaining the move yet, but will release a statement later. craigslist has been under pressure to make the change. there have been allegation the site promotes prostitution and child sex trafficking. attorneys general in 16 states challenged craigslist to act, one of them commended the move but warned other websites need to take action as well. >> there have been a series of assaults, even more serious crime, evidence of human trafficking, tragedies resulting directly from these prostitution ads on craigslist. craigslist is simply the biggest, by far, in scale and scope, and others should follow its example. we will monitor them. we will pursue them, if they fail, to follow this lead. >> once again, craigslist's representatives have said they will issue a statement, but we
12:40 pm
haven't seen anything just yet. checking top stories now. the human rights group, amnesty international is accusing iranian authorities of forcing a woman sentenced to death to give an interview on state-run television. in the interview, the woman, who could be stoned to death, for allegedly committing adultery denounced the lawyer representing. people campaigning on her behalf claim she has already been lashed 99 times. bravery on a dash cam video. you are looking at deputies in georgia. let's take this full. risking their lives to save a man from a burning car. the car caught fire on interstate 75. the man was airlifted to a hospital in tennessee. and tropical storm hermoine on radar, authorities saying it gained a little momentum clocked at 50 miles per hour, expected to make landfall near the texas/mexico border tonight or tomorrow. what does tuition cost these
12:41 pm
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12:43 pm
so i've got to tell you, paying for college is always difficult, right? but in this economy, it's even tougher. tj holmes tells us about one college that is helping some students get a first-class education for free.
12:44 pm
♪ >> reporter: at a time when economic hardship is taking a toll on families everywhere, putting money aside for college almost seems like an american dream itself. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: universities and colleges are also feeling the financial strain. many schools are raising tuition and cutting back on scholarships and school programs to trim costs. but that's not the case with oberland college. in the past academic year, it has awarded $48 million in scholarships, which come from endowments, gifts and other sources. >> i don't have to wait to see the great things that will come out of this class. in truth, we already are doing big things. ? >> reporter: 2001, the college developed a special scholarship just for students at the local high school. so any oberlynn high school senior that is accept gets to go for free. how much money are you saving by
12:45 pm
going to school right here in your hometown? >> with federal financial aid, it comes out to about $45,000 a year, so -- yeah. >> reporter: that's what you're saving. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: so over four years, do the math. >> $180,000. >> yeah. >> reporter: that you will not have to deal with. for some families this once in a lifetime opportunity means their children receive a college education that they otherwise couldn't afford, especially for families like the gillfeathers who have two sons attending the college. >> i have been a successful home builder, developer, and the home building crisis devastated my business, and i went bankrupt. so it couldn't have come at a better time for our family. you don't know if it could ever happen, and then it's made possible, it's a gift. >> she couldn't get that anywhere else. so we're grateful for the scholarship. at least i am. >> me too. because i'm pretty sure i would have had to pay a lot of loans.
12:46 pm
>> reporter: during the past academic year oberlin college has awarded $3 million to students. the recipients think it's a life-changing opportunity. >> my parents don't make a tremendous amount of money and things like that. i feel like for me, this is an opportunity that i have to take, and i have to do well with. because i don't have a mulligan. i can't do it over. >> reporter: a great free opportunity right in their own backyard, why are some oberlin high school students opting to pay for college elsewhere? >> you know that it's going to be difficult, you know that you're not going to be far away from home. and i would say, yeah, that's true. but you're going to be maybe $100,000 in debt at the end of this. and i only have whatever room and board costs. >> think like any student, the concern of coming to college in your neighborhood is the
12:47 pm
familiarity. and you may think that there is something better out there. >> reporter: oberlin college hopes to continue to find ways for families to attain the american dream of a college education without the financial burden. >> tremendous effects in terms of helping improve the public skols, in terms of sending a message to the kids. it's important to go to school, stay innel school, and if you excel, you have this opportunity for a free ride to one of the best colleges in america. >> oberlin is not only rich in resources, but history, as well. they have ties dating back to the underground railroad. and just last month, "u.s. news and world report" listed the school as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the nation. parts of downtown atlanta transformed into this crazy fantasy wonderland. sights and sounds from dragon con2010, and the first audition ever. ines ferre with trending stories.
12:48 pm
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let's see here. ten minutes before we get to ali velshi. we have time for what's hot online. ines.
12:51 pm
>> yeah, tony. >> what are we working with here? >> this is from the ex factor uk, and it's two friends that went on the ex factor, didn't make a great impression on the crowd or judges. and i just want to show you the short exchange that followed after they sang. take a listen. >> basically at the end of day, we don't care what you say, we just came up here. at the end of day, yeah, obviously we care what you think, but she is just being a bit over the top. >> >> can i be honest with you two? you have the worst attitude of any contestants i have ever met. on any of these shows. >> wow. and the audience seemed to agree. >> and then listen to what happened afterwards. >> there's more? >> oh, no! >> yeah. it's -- >> flip the bird a little bit? >> one of them punched other one. it was pretty -- >> so it turned into springer. it turned into jerry springer time. okay. >> you can see -- okay. and this is dragon con.
12:52 pm
and this went on this weekend in georgia. >> it feels like it's still going on. we've got dragon con focus, terrific people in studio right now, right? >> yeah. >> can we get a shot? i'll let you do your thing, i'm sorry. >> no, it's fine. all these outfits on that i reporters have put together. >> that one is wearing very little clothing. >> it was wonder woman, my favorite was, you know, these guys, who are you gone acall? >> yeah, yeah. >> ghost busters. >> doesn't hurt they're handsome guys, either. thank you. let's take a break. you're in the cnn "newsroom." [ engine revving ]
12:53 pm
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i'll be here all week. i will -- that was my schedule. the freedom to name your price. now, that's progressive. call or click today. very quickly, we're getting some new information just into cnn of a small plane going down in the las vegas area. in las vegas, one of the neighborhoods there. in a residential neighborhood. take a look at the pictures from ktmv. the plane is called a lance, probably a description of the plane there, the type of aircraft we're talking about. this, as you can see, is in a residential neighborhood. let me take a look here. that looks like it went down right in an intersection. perhaps a really good job of piloting that plane to the ground in a real emergency. we understand that the plane may have hit a couple of cars on the way down. there were four people inside of the plane. and we understand they have been transported to an area hospital.
12:56 pm
their conditions are unknown right now. so we'll continue to follow this, get the latest pictures on the air to you, for you, as soon as we can. time now for your cnn equals politics update. here is peter hamby, part of the best political team on television. peter, you're getting word of a last-minute write-in challenger in the south carolina senate race. >> you know this race, crazy race, alvin greene, the unknown can't dad came out of nowhere, faces obscenity charges. i just got off the phone with greg snowed, who is a social studies high school teacher from greenville, south carolina who says he is launching a write-in campaign. it's going to be conducted mostly by social networking websites, and he says it's mostly a symbolic campaign. he says he's dissatisfied with the political discourse in the race, and, you know, he's -- it's almost a protest vote. but he's out there, and he's
12:57 pm
going to use facebook and twitter to try to make a dent in this race. >> yeah, everyone is upset with the discows and all of these races around the country. joe donnelly's campaign. let's take it to indiana now, feeling heat. i understand from the national republican congressional committee, thanks to a new ad, is that correct? >> right. joe donnelly, a democrat has a tough re-election campaign. he has been running ads distancing himself from president obama and nancy pelosi. he has a tv ad in which he calls them the washington crowd, and the national republican congressional committee is saying, wait a minute, you're a democrat. you voted for t.a.r.p., you voted for health care, you voted for the stimulus. and they just launched their first tv ad today, attacking joe donnelly, reminding them of those votes, the republican district, and state representative jackie volorski, and they felt confident about that race. >> if you take a moment and break down for everyone the importance of the president's trip to wisconsin, and what is
12:58 pm
he doing and how are republicans responding? >> right. so he's going to wisconsin today. to try to outline 50 billion in government spending, infrastructure spending, to kind of spur short-term job creation. it's all about jobs in this midterm election. obviously, this has a political bent to it for republicans. the republican national committee organized a conference call for porters this morning. the wisconsin gop chairman said the state should reject the money. he said infrastructure funds and the stimulus last year didn't work, and republicans are also pointing out that senator russ feingold who has a difficult election this year is not going to be with president obama, will be at a labor day event in his hometown. so politics automatic around us right now. >> got to ask you for your take on this idea. $50 billion, and no one wants to call it the "s" word, stimulus. what's your take on how toxic that word is right now?
12:59 pm
>> i think it's pretty toxic. the term stimulus is radioactive. but what the democrats are trying to do, this midterm cycle, is really explain what this money means. and president obama is going to say, you know, when he goes out there, that this will help create jobs. just translate the word stimulus into the word jobs. that's what democrats are trying to do right now. >> and then we're also getting a look at all of the generic polling. but what's your take on the extent to which this is put sort of the generics aside and the extent to which this comes down to individual races as you're highlighting for us in individual districts across the country. >> right. our new poll today shows republicans have a seven-point edge on that generic ballot. independents are breaking towards republicans. very bad news for democrats. but if you look at the competitive, special elections going back over the last year, democrats have done pretty well for themselves. maybe the best example is in


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